The Photographer

It has taken me more than ten years to discover and understand that art is my true calling in life. I grew up loving sports and climbing trees. I was half princess, half tom-boy. I loved narrating a story whether that was with a dollhouse or a lightsaber. I'm certain if you've stepped anywhere close to the world of professional photography, you've heard photography called storytelling. It is a visual story. It is your story. A photograph does not show who we wish to be, but who we are. I have loved art and loved people with my whole heart since I was a very small human being. What is your story? What matters the most to you?

The things that matter the most to me are the small things. The ones that are almost intangible. Yet, they are treasured because of the feeling that they leave behind. I'm talking about a true breath of fresh air, the sparkle of sunlight on the snow, or the crunch of leaves underneath your boots.

These are the things that call you away from the noise and back to the present moment, whether it is dark or golden. I'd like to invite you to step into that realm with me. The one where time stops.

Every client that I work with is unique. We all carry different things. Different gifts, different burdens, and different dreams. It is my mission to continue spreading a quiet joy for as long as I can, however I can, with whomever I meet.

The journey starts here and I believe that while we are here -- we should dance.

photography by Heather Edwards

a few of my favorite things

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Tools of the Trade

One unspoken thing about photography is on just how much time a photographer dedicates to planning, presentation, and post-production. There are formulas behind color theory, lighting, and staging a photograph that most clients will never even see. Here is a small glimpse into my post-production of taking a bridal portrait and releasing the magic through color.

Specialization & Skills

I specialize in warm, moody tones that will remind you of autumnal golden hour and work largely with natural light in an outdoor setting. Some of my favorite photographs are captured in black and white. If you are searching for the warmth of a summer evening or the sophistication of a black and white portrait - I'm the gal for you!

I have multiple years of training in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to give your photos the glow that they deserve.